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Call2Move Warehouse Service SketchUp

Call2Move’s companies provide best warehouse services across the major cities of India. The cities include Bangalore Chennai Delhi Pune Mumbai Hyderabad etc.

storage and warehouse servicesThe warehousing facilities include multiple loading with ample space for staging of Items for receiving and shipping. The warehouse manager and workforce keep no stone unturned and try their best to provide you world class services. Warehouses are waterproof and they are kept in best possible conditions. Warehouse facilities are handled by trained professionals who know different methods to store goods of different nature. The Quality storage at cheap prices is what makes our warehouse rental service the best deal in the entire market. Trained and skilled professionals are employed to carry out any activity in warehouse. Call2Move provide you free quotes of companies providing warehouse services. And if you are not satisfied then Call2Move provides you even more quotes of your area. Warehouse for rent have even facility of parking which makes it feasible to transfer goods. Our most of the company’s warehouses have their own staff.

So, don’t fear to choose warehouse rentalservice during home relocation or car shifting. It is the best option to protect your goods from any miss happenings during the transit.

What are the types of goods stored in the warehouse?

Warehouses can accommodate all type of goods like household items, commercial goods, industrial goods, office goods and hospital goods, electronic goods furniture Bike and Car etc. Warehouses have ample space with different slots for different kinds of goods. This makes it possible to store good in large quantity. Warehouse manager are well trained.

For how much time can I store goods?

The time period can range from few hours to few days. It can even extend more than that as per the varied guidelines of different kinds of warehouse providers.

The short term is what makes warehouse rental service feasible.as well as long term storage

What if any mishappening like fire or robbery occurs at the warehouse?

Our companies have installed cut cameras all over the warehouse. We even have alert security guards who take utmost care of your goods.

• Warehouse for rent have got fire extinguishers which protect warehouse from events like fire. Interior obstructions such as heaters, drain lines, gas lines, water line, electrical lines and lighting fixtures are also safely accommodated.

What are the services provided at the warehouse?

Our registered professionals and the manager provide world-class services.

Services like assembly pick and pack decanting and shrink wrapping are the essential requirements of the warehouse. The temperature-controlled facilities will keep your products safe and alleviates the risk of damage. Good warehouses will provide picking loading packing and shipping services as well as inventory management. And our warehouses provide all such services are most of the companies have installed 24/7 CCTV. We have flexible ample space, best fire safety, vehicle tracking, events alerts and services like shrink wrapping, packaging, assembly and pick & pack operations.

How will you manage to store heavy goods in the warehouse?

Warehouses are fully equipped with cranes and forklifts for moving goods which are heavy in nature. Special equipment’s usage avoids physical labour and so the risk of damage.

What if my goods get mixed up with other person’s goods in same warehouse?

Grouping and numbering of goods are done by warehouse manager to identify and trace cargo location. This system of grouping is maintained by the software or manually. The process is computerized. This alleviates any chance of mixing up of goods.

Is there a parking facility at the warehouse?

Our most of the warehouse have sufficient parking facility at the very floor of the warehouse. This makes it possible to store a large number of vehicles. And there is no need to transfer vehicles also.

How our warehouse packers manage warehouse?

Warehouse companies are very careful when it is about maintenance as if goods are stored in bad situations and if they get damaged then it may lead to a high amount of compensation. Items kept in a warehouse are insured at the risk of the warehouse owner. Good warehouses will provide picking loading packing and shipping services as well as inventory management. And our warehouses provide all such services. Our companies installed 24/7 CCTV. We have flexible ample space, best fire safety, vehicle tracking, events alerts and services like shrink wrapping, packaging, assembly and pick & pack operations.

What are the advantages of keeping goods in the warehouse?

Storing goods at an off-site warehouse reduces inventory loss from theft, fire, damage, etc and transfers this risk to the warehouse owner. When inventory is managed properly, warehouse space can be saved. Thus, it enables accurate stocking, slotting and pulling of orders, giving customers the opportunity to gain higher-level insights into how much of each item is truly needed. Therefore, they can reduce overstock and maximize understock in order to get balance. Our warehouse has pallet rack and/or shelving in rows

Warehouses provide a central location for receiving, storing and distributing products. When shipments have arrived at the final destination, it’s a responsibility of warehouse service provider to handle the goods and transfer them. Once the shipments have been transferred to the warehouse, they will sort the products and dispatch it to the temporary address. Once it’s time to move items, each order is retrieved, grouped, packaged and checked completely before being dispatched to their new destination.

Warehouse rental service perform the following activities in order to effectively manage

-Establish an efficient organization system. ...

-Efficient Picking

-Establish an inventory-management system. ...

-Do a visual inspection of storage areas regularly. ...

-Meet regularly with key staff. ...

-Make changes when necessary.

What type of customers do you serve?

Warehouse for rent serve customers who need warehouse during home or office relocation or wholesale/retail business owners. We also serve the internet-based client, multiple-branch Corporation and manufacturing companies

Important features of our registered companies’ warehouses

•             Door to door services

•             Free packing subjected to conditions

•             Each shipment carries an insurance

•             Wide network

•             Waterproof packaging

•             Simplified documentation

•             Real-time online tracking

•             Money back guarantee

•             Online payment option

•             Feasible shipment planning services

•             warehousing facility for finished goods and raw materials both

•             attached security tags, placing on hangers, labeling and packaging

•             customized warehousing

•             Seamless visibility into all your inventory through the process

•             Strict safety regulations

•             Temperature controlled warehousing

•             Fully and semi-automated warehouse facility

•             Dedicated warehouse workforce.

•             Haulage and also cross border trucking

•             containerized services

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