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Genuine and Reliable Packers and Movers…!!!!!

We, Call2Move go beyond simple relocation services and serves you at a personal level in order to make your relocation and shifting experience an exclusive one!!

Call2Move is a portal where you will find best and affordable relocation services of packers and movers for every area in Bangalore which also includes local, domestic and international relocation services. Call2Move just not only provide you with all information about trusted Packers and Movers in Bangalore like their contact numbers, address, website, registration documents etc but also provide you instant quotes from verified and trusted Movers and Packers in Bangalore. And going beyond our duties as a friendly call, our packers also introduce you to your next door homebody and provide you ideas regarding the best fit of your furniture according to your new space.

We always rank our packers and movers companies according to the service quality rather than the companies providing us more money and therefore we go through extensive background inspection before we register packers and movers under us. Our services include local domestic and international shifting in Bangalore be it household commercial or vehicle transit.

Our packers and movers professionals are very much skilled and trained and make sure to transfer your items safe at your new destination in Bangalore Every packer and Mover Company registered under us has minimum three years of experience. Our key parameters for company selection are quality, punctuality, timely services. Our Domestic Packers and Movers in Bangalore charge very reasonable prices for household shifting, Offices Shifting and Vehicle relocation in Bangalore.

You just need to submit an enquiry and we will be in touch with you instantly ready with our estimated quotes from verified Movers and Packers at Bangalore. After comparing and choosing the quotes just go ahead with the best packers and movers which suit your needs.

You can call us 24/7 for any issues and queries. You can just dial us at 9758-77-2111 and our professionals will help you match your relocation needs by providing you with the varied packers and movers charges in Bangalore. We promise that you will not find any hidden or upfront charges that may be a surprise for you later. Our packers at Bangalore charge a very reasonable amount. Just send us your name and contact number and get a call back by our representative instantly in order to address all your concerns and queries.



Genuine and professional Local, Domestic and International Packers and Movers at Bangalore

Moving to your new home sweet home, well a lifetime experience, mixed feelings of joy and anxiety.  A thought of worry regarding the safety of those very long hard owned valuables including the delicate ones and then that very obvious hesitation to make new friends in the new environment. And it just not rests till here, that lot of time needed to gain expertise in the know-how of dissembling and assembling the valuables. Well, the first thought of move would have felt little exciting but later in the shifting process, you realize it to be troublesome and not really that easy.

So here in order to break all your worries and stress we, Call2Move come into light. Call2move is a portal where you will find relocation services for different cities including Bangalore according to your needs and budget. We, Call2Move best understand your needs and thus connect you with reputed top performing and reliable genuine local, domestic & international movers and packers in Bangalore. Our primary focus is to provide excellent services at cheap and economical rates and so we connect you to best and reliable movers in Bangalore according to your budget. We provide you with the best deals of Local & Domestic Packers and Movers in the entire market. Timely and punctual transportation of your valuable goods is something we boast about. Our packers and movers professionals at Bangalore are very much skilled and trained and concentrate on even the minute details during the shifting process, like different kinds of material used for different kinds of goods or the best route from the origin to destination etc. Our packers and mover companies also relocate heavy goods like manufacturing machines. Our packers and movers also take into account very seriously the cleanliness of trucks used for transporting your valuable goods.  And if by rare chance a particular item gets broken or damaged, our packers and movers will provide you with an insurance option too.


Want to pack your belongings on your own? We help you with that toosmiley

And if you don't want to avail our packer and mover services our reliable and professional packers and movers in Bangalore also provide packing supplies to safeguard your items. You don't need to purchase plenty of boxes for packing as you will get extra sturdy and customized boxes to accommodate your items like picture frames, dishes, lamps etc and thus you can save loads of cost and can have cost-effective shifting by our movers in Bangalore.


Why you should opt our reliable Packers and Movers Bangalore Services?

Hmm... so here are our reasons..:)

Mechanical appliances - Our Packers and Movers of Bangalore have special arrangements for mechanical appliances which need so much of manpower.

Customized Services - If you need to cut down any of our company's service out of all the services we provide during the relocation process we can customize your package accordingly.

Pet care - Our packers and movers companies professionals handle your pets with the utmost care during transit.

Minimum 3 yrs experience - Minimum 3 years of experience is must for any packer and mover to get registered under us.

Introduce you to neighbors - Our reliable and trusted packers and movers go the extra mile and introduce you to your neighbors to make you familiar with your new environment.

Give ideas regarding optimizing your new space - Our packers and movers just not place your items but help you to figure out where to place them in your new home so that you can optimize space.

Use varied packing for varied goods - Our trusted and best packers and movers pack different items with different packing material according to the nature of each item.

Provide insurance cover - Our best packers and movers bangalore provide transit insurance.

Trained professionals – Our professional packers and movers have experts who have great knowledge to pack your goods in the best possible way.

Rearrange items - Our trusted and best packers and movers place your items in your new home at the place you wish, even if it includes rearranging your clothes in your new wardrobes

Extra boxes - Our best packers and movers Bangalore give you extra boxes to pack your items in case you forget your items in your new place.

Tips and tricks to keep in mind while Shifting in Bangalore

 Minimizing the items - Volume of goods incur an extra additional charge, therefore, cut down the cost by the disposal of the items as much as possible.

Book in advance - Book the services well in advance to avoid any hassle as packers and movers have limited dates.

Meter readings - Record the meter readings for utilities like electricity gas pipeline and water supply before you leave your premises at Bangalore

Defrost the fridge - Defrost the fridge at least 24 hours before the final move. Clean the fridge to avoid any foul smells.

Make  Inventory sheet - Make a list of items according to various categories like kitchen items clothes and fragile goods and check the list once the items are unloaded and placed.

Taking personal documents - Take imp documents to a new place along with you rather than packing it with other items as once misplaced, they are difficult to recreate.

Label boxes - Label the cardboard boxes to easily identify the items inside it.

Opting insurance cover - It is advisable to obtain transit insurance for prized possessions.

Toiletries  safety -Put a saran wrap on toiletries to prevent it from leaking

Best route - Discuss the best route with the company for your new home in  Bangalore 


Things to consider if moving to a new state

 Arrival - If you arrive before your car comes then you should consider asking a neighbor for a carpool.

Cost of living - Match the cost of living of a new state with your income and thus find about the cost of living on the  internet before you carry out the shifting process

License - Collect registration and license details about a new state 


Things to consider if moving to Overseas

Invest in an adapter -  In every country there are different plug points and thus Indian electronics may not fit those plug points. Therefore invest in adapter and converter before moving

Medicines - Take extra stock of medicines with you before moving as all medicines are not available in every country. Make sure to take the prescription with you if you are on medication and also ask the doctor about medicine alternatives in case if any.

Network - Check if these companies network covers your destination and whether they have clearance permission and permits to move goods abroad.

Rent -  Rent your furniture while the Packers and movers arrive with your shipment which saves a lot of money.


How to choose which Packer and Movers Bangalore services to opt?

Take the following considerations in mind while choosing-

Check if the company has warehouse facility – In case of a mishap if you need to store your belongings then it can be stored in the warehouses provided by your company so that you don't have to pay extra charges if your goods get damaged.

Ask for quotations - Ask for quotations from varied service providers, including the breakup of individual services. So that you can best compare quotes and choose the best one.

Verify Mover's Company Credentials - All professional packers and movers have proper license and certification like GST etc. Check the documents verified badge for that company in its profile page on its website

Go for insurance option - Choose only those packers and movers who provide transit insurance just in case of a mishap.

Check Company Service Ratings - Positive ratings and reviews show the most significant proof of the company's reliability. So always take a glance at reviews of packers and movers in Bangalore  and then recommend the services to your friends

Visit your company - If possible visit your company personally.

Check terms and conditions - Make sure all the things  as suggested  verbally by the company are written under their terms and conditions clause

Don't judge on basis of experience - Don't judge only on basis of experience but also consider manpower supply and the rates.


How should you contact our best Bangalore packers and movers?

• Simply Drop your name and number and brief your relocation requirements

• After Submitting inquiry, the user will Get a call & estimated quotes from verified 6 service providers of his/her region.

• The user can Compare and Choose which quotes match their needs

• Relocate with the chosen Packers & Movers Company.


How do our Packers and Movers Bangalore carry out shifting?

When you hire Packers Movers for your relocation in Bangalore, you can just chill and relax as our experts will plan it right. Here is how they will go around

First, they will inspect your house thoroughly to plan relocation process and would also help you to know about the delicate items that need to be handled with care, where they will park their truck and at what time you want them to reach your place and any other issues you would like them to address.

• Then Bangalore packers and movers will schedule the relocation day

• Then on the relocation day, Bangalore packers and movers will give you a call to let you know that they are on their way.

• Upon arrival, Bangalore packers and movers will start loading your belongings into their truck

• Ask you regarding the items that you want them to load right in the end and unload first upon arrival to the destination.

• Bangalore packers and movers will load your belongings fast but with care.

• Upon arrival, our packers and movers would ask you the specific area in your new house where you want the boxes or furniture to be placed in Bangalore.

Bangalore packers and movers will re-arrange the items in your new wardrobe


Cheap and Quality Shifting Services in Bangalore

We at Call2Move provide quality and budget-friendly local shifting domestic shifting and international shifting services. Our services compromises of vehicle shifting, truck rentals, warehouse storage facilities. No matter, what kind of relocation services you are looking for, we assure you reliable services with quick turnaround time. 

At present, we can help you in availing Bangalore local domestic and international relocation services.

Local Household Shifting Bangalore

Finding packer and mover in Bangalore according to your needs for local shifting is really a challenging task We analyze your requirements and provide you with the best quote from verified house movers in Bangalore. Our packers and movers provide you with the best deals in the entire market. You can easily hire from our list of professional office packers and movers in Bangalore, you just need to specify your needs of Office Relocation in Bangalore and get instant estimates.

Domestic Home Relocation from Bangalore

Planning a relocation outside Bangalore? Need to move your household goods to another state? No worries, Call2Move is always there for you. In our portal, you can find top Domestic Movers in Bangalore, who will help you in shifting your goods to different states within India. Choose from our list of verified domestic packers and movers in Bangalore and get ready for an inter-state move within affordable cost.

International Home Relocation from Bangalore

Need International Home Relocation Services from Bangalore? Worried about the legal and paperwork involved in the entire household shifting process? We at Call2Move understand your concerns, thus help you in finding the best International Packers and Movers in Bangalore. In our portal, you can find the top-notch International Movers in Bangalore offering timely and systematic international relocation services. Considering the fraudulent factors, we have only listed verified and licensed international movers and packers in our portal.

Office Relocation in Bangalore | Commercial Moving Services in Bangalore

As compared to household relocation, Office Shifting in Bangalore involves a lot of planning and manpower. It is difficult to manage the Office Relocations in Bangalore without professionals. Therefore we recommend you to choose our services so that we can pack it right for you. At Call2Move, you can find a Reliable Office Packer and Movers in Bangalore as per your needs. No matter, whether you want to relocate your office within the city or outside Bangalore, you can easily hire from our list of Professional Office Packers and Movers in Bangalore. Just need to specify your office relocation needs and get instant estimates from our packers and movers.

Vehicle Shifting Services in Bangalore 

Want to transport your vehicle from Bangalore? Confused about the overall process and pricing? Simply brief your requirements and choose from our list of top vehicle movers and packers in Bangalore. It doesn't matter, whether you want to move your bike or car from Bangalore, the efficient vehicle movers in Bangalore will help you throughout the process. From dissembling your bike, packing it right to assembling and its delivery at the new address, the professional bike movers in Bangalore will manage everything from core to end. Just need to specify your vehicle relocation needs and get estimates in minutes

Warehouse Storage Services in Bangalore

Looking for reliable warehouse storage service providers in Bangalore? At Call2Move, find the reliable packers and movers in Bangalore offering reliable warehouse storage services in Bangalore. We understand the situations where you need to store your belongings at a warehouse, thus we have listed down the best service providers in Bangalore. All the warehouse companies available here are verified and licensed to offer professional storage services in Bangalore. Specify your warehouse storage requirements and choose from our list of top movers and packers in Bangalore.

Truck Rental Services in Bangalore

Need to transfer certain items within the city or outside Bangalore? Avail the best truck rentals services in Bangalore and be at ease. Here, you can find the professional and trusted packers and movers, who are offering affordable truck rental services in and around Bangalore region. Compare the estimates from the top service providers and choose the best out of them. Bangalore Packers and movers make sure that our trucks are clean so that we can deliver your goods at the same conditions as before. Simply specify your truck rental requirements and get quotes from us within a few minutes.


Frequently Asked Questions:-
1- Do these packers and movers provide any insurance?
• Yes, our listed Bangalore packers and movers provide insurance cover.
2- What would be the usual cost involved in shifting?
The number of items you need to relocate, the distance from the origin to the destination, the day of moving and the floor you are residing in the varied factors on which the cost of shifting depends.
3- Do you provide delivery to the doorstep?
Bangalore Packers and Movers place your items back in your new home at the place you wish, even if it involves rearranging clothes in your new wardrobe
4- What will happen if the items arrive at the destination before me?
Bangalore Packers and Movers will wait for you to reach the destination and would ensure that they are safe and secure.
5- How will you handle the safety of goods?
• The best packing material used by our companies, trained manpower including very good drivers and clean trucks are few examples of how do we ensure the safety of goods.
6- What is the procedure for damaged or missing goods?
• We provide you with an insurance cover for both damaged and missing items.
7- How do I coordinate with you or the driver during the move?
• Our companies coordinate with drivers and you need not worry and if required they will let you call the drivers time to time.
8- Which is the best route to take from origin to destination?
• We will analyze the route from our sources however if you require us to take any specific route we would go ahead.
9- What is compensation in case of late delivery?
• We have an option to provide compensation if there is late delivery of items.
10- What needs to be done after my belongings have been shipped?
• Match the items with your checklist and ask them to get placed before asking the carrier to leave.

What needs to be specified before relocation in Bangalore?

You need to brief us prior about your requirements regarding the number of items you need to relocate, the distance from the origin to destination, the day of moving and the floor you are residing for varied shifting so that we can work accordingly.


Approximate Bangalore Packers and Movers Charges for Services

Domestic Moving

Cost of 1 BHK

Cost of 2 BHK

Cost of 3 BHK

Cost of Bike Move

Cost of Car Move

Bangalore to Hyderabad

9,000 - 13,000

14,000 - 18,000

19,000 - 25,000

3,000 - 5,300

5500 - 9,500

Bangalore to Pune

14,500 – 19,000

18,000 – 23,000

22,000 – 32,000

4,200 - 6,500

7,500 - 11,500

Bangalore to Chennai

8,500 – 11,000

11,000 – 16,000

15,000 – 20,000

2,500 - 4,000

4,300 - 7,200

Bangalore to Mumbai

15,500 – 21,000

20,000 – 24,000

25,000 – 36,000

4,300 - 7,500

7,500 - 11,800

Bangalore to Delhi

28,000 – 36,000

35,000 – 49,000

45,000 – 65,000

7,800 - 13,800

13,000 - 21,500

Bangalore to Kolkata

25,000 – 34,000

30,000 – 44,000

40,000 – 56,000

7,000 - 12,000

12,000 - 18,500

Bangalore to Coimbatore

8,000 – 13,000

10,000 – 15,000

16,000 – 20,000

2,500 - 4,500

4,500 - 7,000

Bangalore to Ahmedabad

22,000 - 29,000

25,000 - 35,000

33,000 - 45,000




Our Approach

We believe in systematic and professional approach however in our endeavor to fulfill your indistinct needs we go an extra mile and introduce you to your neighbors in your new home to provide you with a familiar and friendly environment. And our efforts don't end up only here, for you we also come up with the smart ideas of how to best fit the furniture according to new house space.

And when it comes to reliability and creditability, our packers in Bangalore are near an end of your chase. We always rank packer and mover companies according to the service quality rather than the companies providing us with more money. We go through extensive background inspection before we register companies with us. Minimum 3 years of experience is must for any company to be registered with us. Our Bangalore packers and movers services are cheap and the pocket-friendly. For each request, our packers at Bangalore make a call and follow up to ensure our customer's experience has been worthy.

You will hardly find any better service and deals in the entire market and thus we would like you to go for us and keep your belongings safe and secured with our reliable and Professional Packers and Movers in Bangalore.

 We would also like you to recommend us to your friends and give your reviews on our services. We are an extremely approachable company which has 24/7 customer support open to your queries. You can just dial us at 9758-77-2111 and our experts will help you match your shifting needs by providing you with the best packers and movers rates and charges in Bangalore.  We promise that you will not find any hidden or upfront charges of our genuine packers and movers that may surprise you later.


Just send us your name and contact number and get a call back by our representative instantly in order to address all your concerns and queries.

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