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Tips to plastic wrap your drawers with everything inside

Moving home entails thinking ahead and planning everything out carefully to make sure that when you move to your new home, the last thing you have to worry about is items that are damaged, lost or broken during the move. We have already talked about the importance of creating a schedule and shared some tips to create a schedule so you don’t get overwhelmed when packing, in an early post. As for packaging the drawers, the opinion is divided on whether you should pack the drawers with everything inside or not. We will talk all about it and also share tips to plastic wrap your drawers with everything inside.

Sturdy Drawers Are Best Packed With the Contents Within

tips to plastic wrap your drawerProfessionals recommend keeping everything intact and wrapping it up with plastic so the piece of furniture can be moved without emptying its contents. This works well for furniture that is strong a sturdy. If you happen to be handling drawers which are made of materials that are somewhat flimsy then you must consider emptying them since the added weight of the contents inside may make it difficult for the drawers to be moved and the chance of damage increases.

But if you have sturdy drawers which can be moved without the fear of breakage then you can let the contents in the drawers stay where they are and plastic wrap the drawers.

Remove Drawer handles

Especially if they have sharp edges or they are vintage quality and you don’t want them damaged. Some drawers have plain handles that don’t pose much of a threat, but if you have beautifully designed drawer handles or they have edges that can cut through the plastic, it is recommended to remove the drawer handles before you begin wrapping the drawers.

Paint from the drawer handles can also peel off if you let it stay. This is because of all the moving and handling that the furniture goes through in the process of a home move. There is also the chance of breaking the handles while moving. And in your new home you will have a set of drawers with one handle less. To avoid such situations, removing the drawer handles is a precautionary way of ensuring that your furniture does not look unsightly at your new home. Keep the handles inside the drawers so you don’t have to search for them when it is time to put them back.

Remove all fragile items from the drawers

If the drawers include anything breakable, then these items deserve to be placed in the boxes assigned for fragile items. We have talked about tips to list out fragile items when packaging if you need help to pack your breakables. All types of glass or breakable items should be individually packed. This includes your perfume bottles which may end up broken if left in the drawers.

In addition to fragile items, also avoid leaving anything sharp or too small in the drawer because these items may slip out of the drawers. Clothes and linen are suitable to be packed within the drawers, but bottles that may include liquids should be packed separately. Very heavy things like books should also be kept in a different box.

Use a piece of tape to make a drawer pull when you want to open the drawers after the home move is complete.

Stuff the drawers properly

Clothes are the best things to move in the drawers. Most of the times, clothes do not suffer any damage and they do not pose the risk of breakage. But if you are moving drawers that have other items which can move easily within the drawers, then use packing paper to stuff the empty spaces in the drawer and avoid any wiggling.

Cover the furniture with old towels or bedsheets

If you don’t want to notice nicks and scrapes on your furniture when it arrives at your new home, then cover it first with old towels or bedsheets. This works as a padding for the furniture and keeps it from the small scrapes which may show up if you are moving the drawers up the stairs or from one room to another. Remember to use old sheets because in the process of saving the furniture within, the padding may end up getting torn or dirty.

Use plastic wrap or saran wrap

With everything secured inside the drawers, and the handles or knobs taken off them, you are ready to wrap it in plastic as the last form of outer cover which can ensure your furniture is saved from damage. Make sure that you avoid tap on painted furniture because the tape may peel off the paint. Saran wrap works like a charm as it clings on to the furniture and helps you wrap it safely.

The plastic wrap also ensures that the drawers don’t end up opening or flying away as you begin to load or unload the furniture. With the plastic wrap firmly secured around the drawers, you can secure the ends with tape and your drawer is ready to be loaded.

Packing and moving home is a time taken process. But just because it takes time does not mean that it is a tiring or stressful job. All you need to do is make sure that you plan everything properly. With a good schedule, moving home becomes easier. The next step is to ensure that you organize the entire process of moving home in a way that it does not create a lot of mess within the home. Try keeping your boxes so that you don’t have to go to sleep surrounded by cardboard boxes.

Furniture is usually the last things to be packed. Those that can be unassembled are easy to move, but dressers or chest of drawers which include a lot of things on the inside too are best wrapped as they are with all the contents inside them. Use our tips when moving home to enjoy every bit of the process and complete your house move with relatively less stress.


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