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Tips to list out fragile items when packaging

The biggest concern I hear from people moving home is if moving their breakable items will be a problem. Whether you are moving next door, three blocks away or to a whole new city, being careful with your glass and chinaware is important if you don’t want to see them in shards. I have moved from one city to another a few times now to realize that moving home requires patience. You cannot ramble through your house throwing everything into boxes and move on. There is a lot of packing and labelling that goes into a planned and organized home move.

Moving home gets me excited. I see it as a chance to let go of stuff that I don’t use but continue to hoard in the store room. It also helps me get myself organized and I often end up finding so many things that I had deemed lost. There are lots of people who tell me moving home can be really stressful, but I feel that when everything is planned well, there is no place for stress. You can visit our tips to create a schedule so you don’t get overwhelmed when packing to plan your home move in advance and avoid all the stress.

Fragile items are at a great risk when it is not packaged appropriately. This is why we have decided to list a few tips that can help you pack your breakables in a manner that can keep them safe and you can continue to use them at your new home too.

1. Patience is the key
Every single piece of your glass and chinaware require special attention. Right from the beginning to the end of packaging these items, make sure that you are attentive and the packing is done carefully. Keeping in mind that packing fragile items need time, it is best to begin a week before your home move is planned.

This will give you adequate time to carefully pack all the items in a manner that none of them break. Pick a clean, flat area where you can pack these items. Make sure your packing station is located in an area where others who are helping with the packing may not end up knocking over any of the items. Take time to pack every piece individually and fill it in padded boxes.

2. Use sturdy boxes
Talking of boxes, remember to pick boxes that are new and sturdy. Old cardboard boxes can turn flimsy with time. Don’t risk your expensive chinaware. Buy new boxes for al fragile items. It is also important to buy boxes of different sizes. You will find that some of your stuff requires small boxes while others need larger ones. Plan ahead and buy enough boxes. Buy more than you think you need because fragile items take a lot of box space. 

With the cushioning of the boxes and individual packing of the items, each box will be able to hold fewer items than what you may have expected. Over-packing fragile items in boxes can make the boxes bulge and increase the chances of breaking the items within.

3. Create a cushion 
We know you don’t want to lose a single one of those glasses in your favorite set; this is why cushioning the boxes is important. You may have heard of pillow-top packaging to make sure that your fragile items are safe. Line your boxes with towels, old pieces of clothing, wads of paper and any other form of cushioning material that will avoid the pieces from breaking because of external contact. 

If your budget allows you, you can spend on anti-static packing peanuts or cushion foam, but bubble wrap and old towels work equally well and are more cost-effective. 

4. Leave no space for wiggling 
One reason why you pad the inner lining of the box is to make sure that the pieces within do not wiggle. When the items inside can move, then there is a chance that they may break because of contact with each other. Filling the boxes with packing paper and bubble wrap helps you avoid such circumstances. 

When you pack vases or glass bowls, make sure that they are filled with packing paper on the inside so they do not create space for other items to wiggle in to. 

5. Get the right packing materials

In addition to sturdy cardboard boxes, you will also require good quality packing paper. If you have a lot of glassware that needs packaging, then make sure that you buy a lot of packing paper. It will help you safely pack all the fragile items. 

A few rolls of bubble wrap should be the next thing on your list. Bubble wrap provides padding to individual items and it can be used for filling the boxes too adding an extra layer of protection to the items. 

Also, make sure that you buy good quality packing tape. Don’t agree with anything that does not seem durable. Spend a little more if needed, but make sure that you get the best packing tape you can afford. 

6. Label everything clearly and visibly
Labels are important. They will help you identify the boxes which are carrying fragile items. Make sure that the labels are clearly legible so that anyone handling the boxes takes extra care when dealing with those marked fragile. Mark at least two sides of the box as Fragile and Handle with Care. Don’t forget to mark the content of the box and which room it belongs to.

These tips will help you pack fragile items carefully and in a manner that you will find them safe in your new home. The joy of starting over in a new place, setting up a new home is beautiful. As you settle on your sofa with a cup of coffee in hand, you will realize that moving home is not as terrible as it sounds. Instead, it has its own delights.



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