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Tips to create a schedule so you don't get overwhelmed when packing

People relate a home move with stress as quickly as we relate peas to pods. But when it really comes to it, things are not as difficult as they are portrayed to be. In fact, home moving can bring a refreshing burst of energy that adds an excitement which should in no way be replaced with stress. This is why we are going to outline the easiness with which you can move home.

To keep things in order, begin with a schedule. The most overwhelming part of moving home is to live in the unknown of how you are going to do it. So the best place to begin is to bring an end to this fear by writing out a schedule that you can follow to pack all your things and be ready to load it all in the truck when the day comes.

Settle on a date 
schedule for packingBegin by identifying a date that works best for you to move home. Mark it on a calendar so that you can see how much time you have to pack all your things before you move from your current home. Moving can be messy only when you don’t have a plan for the process of moving. This is why we strongly believe in planning things out and making a schedule rather than looming over the magnanimity of the task at hand. 

Once you pick a date you know exactly how much time is available for you to complete it all. If you have a relatively short time for moving home then you need to be more sprightly but if you have around two months or more before you move then you have adequate time for your home move.

Starting Early - Two months before the home move

You may doubt the necessity to start packing so much ahead of time. Consider this period as your prepping up time. You may not be filling up too many boxes for now, at least not boxes that you will be taking to your new home. One or two months before the day you move home, begin a decluttering exercise. If you are a working professional or you run a business then allocating time for decluttering will require you to take time out on your week offs.
Search the length and breadth of your house for anything that you haven’t used in a long time or you don’t intend to use in your new home. Keep two cardboard boxes – label one as Donate and the other as Trash. Now segregate the items into these two boxes and while you put out the Trash box outside to be picked up by the garbage truck, experience the joy of donation when you give away the things you won’t be needing any longer. See the goodness in-home moving?

Handling Subscriptions – One Month before the Move

You may have various subscriptions to your home which will require a change of address. It is time to pass the information of your home move to all service providers who may require the information. Cable connections, internet services, and even addresses listed with your bank account require to be changed. Let all of them know in advance so that cancellations at the current address and activation of services at the new address can be completed with the least number of hiccups.

Some services require advance notice to make sure that everything can be completed in time. Providing others with prior information makes home moving a smoother process.

Gaining Momentum – Two to Three Weeks before the Move

Now is the time to start the actual packaging of your home stuff. Begin by visiting a stationery store to get some markers and labels. These are very helpful in knowing what goes where. It also makes unpacking simpler.

You can buy cardboard boxes online or you can check if your local stores have an abundance of boxes that they can give you.

The best place, to begin with, is the garage. It has a lot of things that aren’t used every day. The garage also happens to be a place for lots of unwanted things this is why packing up the garage stuff right in the end will leave you exasperated.

With the garage packed and ready, you can begin packing stuff from your home that you won’t be needed for now. This includes seasonal clothes, extra blankets, crockery that is not used every day. Check our tips to list out fragile items when packaging, to make sure that they reach your new home with the least number of breakages. Put all packed cardboard boxes in the garage so that your home does not look messy. It also helps in keeping a clear mind about what things need to be packed. Cardboard boxes strewn around the house can be unsettling.

No time to waste – You have just one week before you settle in your new home

As the weeks turn into days, your packing begins to include everything that you see around the house. With a week left, remember to finish anything in the fridge that cannot be packed and moved. If you are moving to a new city, your stuff may arrive after a long time, so cook or eat all perishable items in the fridge in this last week. Do not buy anything new that will end up in the fridge.

If you use a lawn mower or any other power equipment which requires fuel, then you must empty all of this equipment. Remember to defrost your freezer. We also have tips to plastic wrap drawers – with everything inside, so when you unpack your drawers, you won’t have to worry about finding all your drawer items in the packed boxes. 

Are you planning to stay at a hotel for a week or a few days? Then make sure that all reservations are made in advance. Things that you will need during your hotel stay goes into a separate bag. Make sure they don’t get mixed up with everything else that you are packing.

All essentials get packed up this week, and by the end of your last night at your current home, you should have everything packed up so you may either end up sleeping on the floor, at a friend or family member’s home, or at a hotel. 

Finally, on the day marked on your calendar load all your boxes and drive away.


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