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Tips for kitchen packing

kitchen packaging tipsAre you planning to move your home? When you need to move your house, the most daunting task is to organize and pack your kitchen essentials. This is due to the fact that the kitchen of any house is a storehouse of a plethora of things that you cannot do without. From the minute articles to the kitchen drawers, cabinets, appliances, and so more –all need to be packed with utmost care to ensure that the kitchen supplies are moved as they were. If you are looking forward to pack & move your kitchen necessities, then here are some expert tips:

• Select, Sort & Simplify: Before moving out, the first thing that you would like to do is to sort out the essential things that you would actually need in your new home. Take one day off and sit down to sort out your entire kitchen. Right from the smallest items to the big kitchen appliances –select the most important things that you would need in your new home. It is suggested to be practical and leave behind the items that are way too old or outdated. 

You need to be highly selective while dealing with kitchen essentials. Go through each kitchen cabinet and select only the most vital items that you cannot do without in your brand new household. This will help to lighten up your overall luggage when you are making the final shift.

• Prepare a Separate Essentials Box: As soon as you shift to your new home, the first corner of the house that needs attention is the kitchen. Obviously, you cannot live without having a proper meal prepared at home. Therefore, owing to the urgency of the situation, you must prepare a separate essentials box. This box should include all the necessary kitchen supplies that you might need on an immediate basis once you make the move. 

You must store only the most indispensable items in this box. The box could include items like spices, dishes, cutlery, emergency appliances like mixer, toaster, coffee maker, dish cloth, soap, cleanser, and so more that you would need on the very first day of your shift.

• Pack the Not-Frequently-Used Items: Once you are done packing with the most vital elements of your kitchen, the next step is to start the packing of the items which you might not use too frequently in your kitchen space. You can keep this stage for a later time by starting off with every drawer in the kitchen. Sit down with a large separate box which is properly labeled to be containing the less frequently used items.

The box might contain kitchen essentials like vases, food storage containers, wine glasses, mixing bowls, pie pans, cooking sheets, small kitchen appliances like mixers, blenders, cookbooks, extra utensils, and so more. These are the items that you would not need on an urgent basis while you are making the move.

• Packing Liquor, Wine & Other Unopened Bottles: Even your drinks play an important part of your kitchen supplies. As such, you can start off the packing of wine & other liquor quite early during your packing stage. You can select the bottles that you plan to open just after the move and then, pack them separately into labeled boxes. You might also wish to pack other important items which might be sealed like cooking oils, vinegar, and other liquid items in the start itself.

• Utilize the Foodstuffs: If possible you might want to utilize the available foodstuffs in your kitchen in advance. This would help in lightening up your overall moving package. Thus, you would have to worry less about bringing in more boxes and you will also have to pay less for the overall moving. To utilize the overall foodstuff (especially the open packets & loose food items) you will have to plan in advance.

You can start by planning out the purchase of certain food items in advance. You can make a quick calculation of the number of days left for moving and thus, bring home the necessary food supply. As such, you will not have surplus food items to be carried to your new house. However, it is still a great idea to keep stock of some essential packed food items in case of any emergency in your new home. 

• Prepare Large Kitchen Appliances: When you have to move the larger kitchen appliances like fridge, cooker, microwave, or dishwasher with you to the new home, then you must ensure the safety of the appliances as the topmost priority. There are higher chances that the appliances might get damaged during transit. As such, it is essential to be cautious while making the final move. To ensure that these appliances are handled with care, you must hire a reliable and professional movers & packers service provider.

Before moving the appliances, it is important to ensure that they are in their uptight condition such that you do not face any issues after moving them. For the refrigerator, try to defrost the fridge at least 24 hours before the move. Moreover, you must also ensure that you have properly utilized and packed the fridge’s content before defrosting the same.

• Take Special Care of the Fragile Products: If you have an array of delicate, breakable items in your kitchen, then you must take special care while packing and dispatching them. You can prepare a separate box with the label “Fragile Items: Handle With Care” written on top of it. All the glass-made kitchenware and cookware should be packed properly, preferably in bubble wraps such that they do not break during the transportation. In case you are not sure of your packing skills, then you must take professional help from some reliable movers & packers company in your area.

If you are trying to move from one place to another, the packing of the kitchen area becomes one of the most difficult tasks. Take help from these expert tips and have a hassle-free move!


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