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Tips for furniture packing

Once you are done with the packing of important things like kitchen supplies and kids’ essentials as mentioned in the previous articles, now it’s time for some big packing. Furniture packing is another daunting task that haunts many while they are on a move. However, it is equally important. If you are already hired some professional packers & movers for your moving, then it becomes a seamless task. However, if you are on your own, then you might need some expert advice & tips.furniture packaging and moving tips

Larger pieces of furniture like sofas, beds, wardrobes, dining tables, and so more are bulky and can be really difficult to pack all by yourself. To ensure that your furniture items are packed and moved safely, you must pack them with utter care & attention to detail. Here are some expert tips:

Analyze What All You Wish to Move: Take time off and sit down to analyze what all you really wish to move to your new location. For instance, if there are certain furniture items that you might not need anymore, then you can put them up for sale. By taking a note of the amount of inventory you have, you can get an idea of how much time it will take to pack them all. This helps you in preparing well before making the final move.

There are certain furniture items that cannot be packed in advance as well. For instance, you cannot pack your bed until the final moving day. However, other items like office chairs, ottomans, and so more could be easily packed in advance to simplify the overall furniture packing process.

Be Well Equipped: When you sit down to pack your home’s furniture, most of them will require disassembly before the final packing. Therefore, to disassemble them properly, you might need certain equipment and tools. Be well prepared with the necessary tools & equipment such that you can do it all on a single day. Select the necessary equipment that you might need for disassembling the arms, legs, table tops, frames, doors, or other parts of different furniture.

For the delicate furniture parts like table tops or table legs, have proper furniture blankets at your disposal. Use proper packing tapes which are strong enough to hold the packing blankets for the furniture. This will ensure that the furniture parts are safely packed. Moreover, it is also vital to label each furniture part in order to avoid confusion while unpacking the same.

Ensure that Furniture Parts Don’t Get Lost: While you are doing the disassembly of your major furniture like tables, sofas, beds, and others, there are higher chances that you might mix the different parts. This might create a big confusion while you do the unpacking in your new home. To avoid any hassles, it is recommended to keep track of all the necessary parts belonging to a particular furniture set.

To group them together, keep marking each furniture part with a special marker. Label each part individually as soon as you disassemble them. If some particular furniture has several loose parts, then try labeling the parts as “1 out of 5”, “2 out of 5”, and so more. If possible, also try to keep the assembly instruction book that came along with your furniture at your reach while unpacking the items.

Gather Appropriate Packing Supplies: Once you are done with the necessary sorting and disassembly, it is time to start the final packing of your home’s furniture. Start off by accumulating the necessary packing essentials. As furniture tend to be larger items, it is necessary to be well-equipped. You might need stronger and durable packing materials like big cartons, corrugated cardboard sheets, strong packing tapes, bubble wraps, sealable plastic bags, plastic stretch wrap, mattress bags, and so more. Ensure that you have all of these in stock beforehand.

Some other special equipment that might be needed for your furniture packing could be personal protection gear, furniture pads, a dolly, property protection materials, moving straps, and many others could also be required. This is usually vital when you are self moving.

Wrap & Pad: Whether you are using plastic stretch wraps or bubble wraps or many duvets, the wrapping up of your furniture is highly important. It is really simple for the surfaces of fragile furniture like cabinets and sideboards to get scratched. Therefore, it is necessary to wrap them up well. You must ensure that the wrapping material chosen by you is waterproof. This would prevent your furniture from any kind of water leakage or rain downpour.

Once you are done with the wrapping, it is equally important to pay the same. Padding is essentially important towards the corners of your furniture. If you are packing on your own, then ensure the padding with the help of home items like cushions, pillows, quilts, and other soft, padded items. This will prevent the scratching off the paint and keep safe your furniture items.

Use Professional Services: Furniture packing & moving can be a big deal. If you are unsure of how to do it, it is recommended that you hire some professional help. You can take expert help from the professional packers & movers in your area to ensure the safe transit of the furniture items. After all, you would not like your home furniture to reach the destination all worn-out. Therefore, it is important to take some expert help in case of any issues with furniture packing & moving.

When you are moving from your home to some new destination, it is important that you ensure the safe transportation of your home items. Furniture is the most important assets of your home interiors. As such, you must ensure the proper packing & moving of different furniture items in your home.


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