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Tips for children item packing

In the last article, we have already discussed the tips to move your kitchen essentials in a hassle-free manner. If you thought that moving your kitchen supplies is one of the most hectic tasks, then give your thought area a second chance! For you must be forgetting the kid’s section while packing & moving! There is no denying the fact that it can be quite a mess when you are trying to move your kids’ essentials including toys & other itineraries. Once you are done with the kitchen area, it is suggested to take a day off and plan out the kids’ area with extra caution and attention.

Tips for Packaging Children ItemsWhen you are dealing with your kids’ section, extra patience and care are necessary. You might wish to finish off their packing in a day, but that is not so. You have to convince them to leave certain things and pack only the necessary items. While dealing with smaller kids like toddlers, it becomes even more difficult. You are expected to do the packing, but there are tons of essential things that you might need right away at every moment.

If you are already freaking out while packing for your kids’ area, then here are some expert tips:

•    Enlist the Items with the Help of Your Kids: To make it a smoother and fun packing activity, you can involve your kids in the packing process as well (provided your kids are above 5 years of age). Try to present the big move like a big surprise or adventure for your family. As such, the kids will give their heartiest contribution in your packing regime. By involving your kids in the packing process, you can make it a more fun-filled experience rather than a stressful one.

There are tons of things in which the kids can come useful while you are doing the packing. On the basis of the abilities and the interest levels of the kids, you might suggest them to lend a helping hand in some activities like:

1.    Enlist all of their favorite things by asking them out for the same. The things that the kids are not interested in anymore can be donated to some orphanage or charitable trusts. While giving away the donation, it is important to double check the list to ensure that the kids have written down the right things.

2.    Label down the packing boxes with proper directions drawn or written on them. This will help & motivate the kids to put down the right things in the right box. It will serve more of a playful game like putting the toys in one box and the clothes in the other. Moreover, it will also speed up the packing process.

•    Encourage Creativity While Packing: When you packing with your kids, you can include a series of creative activities to make it a more fun-filled process. For instance, while labeling the packing boxes, you can induce some creative activities like creating some designs, characters, or patterns on the boxes. This will entice the children to be more active during the packing process. In addition to the special drawings, you can also encourage the kids to make specific color codes for different boxes. For instance, the girls might like their boxes to be in pink, while for the boys, the boxes could be blue color coded.

You can also encourage the kids to write a clear label on each of their individual boxes such that you do not have to remember each one of them and what is kept inside them. You might also choose to buy things like moving-themes stickers to add more fun for your kids’ moving.

•    Discuss the Moving with Your Kids: Involve the kids while you are doing some serious packing & moving discussions. This will make the kids listen to certain facts and remember some of them as well. As such, they can also prove helpful in certain instances while you are making the final move. Moreover, children often tend to take a surprise moving as an unpleasant experience. As such, by discussing the moving constantly in front of them prepares them for the same in advance.

If you find that children are skeptical towards moving or are having a tough time coping up with the sudden move, then you can make them understand the importance of moving from quite an early stage. As discussed, kids like to have fun even during moving. Therefore, you must make it a point to imbibe a notion of fun & creativity while doing the essential packing & moving.

•    Start Sorting Quite Early: The kids’ rooms can be quite a mess to handle while packing & moving. As such, if you do not want to run out of time in the end, it is suggested to start the sorting of the kids’ rooms from quite an early stage. Start off by separating items or clothing that are no longer needed for your kids. For instance, the ill-fitting clothes, worn-out clothes, old or broken stuff, and so more –you can create a separate package for these by labeling it as “To Be Discarded”.

When you are done with the final sorting, you can start packing the kids’ essentials into separate labeled boxes like clothing, toys, accessories, and so more. If you have more than one kid, then you can also label the boxes by writing down their names on top. This will help you in unpacking when you reach the new home. Moreover, it also helps you in preventing any fight among the kids for their ownership of the boxes.

Packing & moving the essentials items of kids can be a both daunting as well as a fun-filled activity. You can make the most of it by learning some important expert tips to do the packing & moving for your kids’ items. Have a great time packing & moving with your kids as you move into a new home! Have fun!


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