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How to remove roadblocks for big and bulky furniture when moving

 There is no doubt, what a daunting task it could be when you are relocating from one location to another. Relocating is not just about shifting of your home or office, but also moving all the belongings that have been a part of your life for a long time. The belongings comprise of furniture, furnishings, clothes, books, tableware, silverware, kitchen equipment, ornamental items, and many more that are the basic part of every household. Transporting all your belongings need caution and attention where each item needs to be packed into the appropriate boxes so that no harm will come to your belongings and they can reach your desired destination safely.furniture moving tips
When it comes moving the bulky furniture, most people fear and worry about how to move them easily and without causing any kind of damage. The big and bulky furniture like old-fashioned beds, grand piano, etc. is something that can be quite difficult to move if you do not know the right way. They must be moved in such a way where it not just saves them from any kind of breakage, but also make it quite easy to move them without scratching walls or floors.  So, one of the easiest ways to tackle all these problems is that you hire a professional mover who can help you relocate your home or office to a new place. In the previous article, you have already seen how you can choose the best packer and mover that suit your requirements and budget. They would always come to you with a few effective 
advices that will make the packing and removing your furniture smooth without having to worry about how to move it in the new house.

What You Could Do To Make The Moving of Heavy Furniture Easier?

Make a list of Essential furniture

It is not always essential that your new house or office will have exactly the same measurement as your current house or office. A piece of furniture that you have been using in your present home may not be needed in the new one.  For that reason, before making any final move, you should take pictures of the furniture in your current house and then go the new house to see if you will need the furniture there and if you can place that furniture in your new home without constricting the place.  In most of the cases, people find that they do not need all the furniture from their old house, so they only concentrate on moving the essential ones.

Use the furniture appropriately

Most of the times, people have some sentimental feelings attached with some of their furniture and they find it very hard to discard the one they do not need. If you are one of those people, what you could do is that, you could either convert them into smaller furniture pieces by hiring a carpenter or sell the furniture to some other party in need.

Remove everything out of the furniture

Usually, many people forget to empty their furniture like Cupboards, cabinets, etc, and try to move them while they are filled with other items. To make it easier for packers and movers to move your furniture, put some time and effort into get everything out of your furniture. It will not only make the furniture lighter, but you will also be able to avoid any mess that might have occurred if something would have fallen from the loaded furniture.

Disassemble the furniture before moving it to another location

These days, Most of the furniture companies design their big furniture in such a way that they can be dismantled when necessary and put together again as and when needed. This allows the movers to pack the furniture in a better and more secure way. Also it makes it quite easy for the movers to transport the large furniture from one place to the other without worrying about the walls and floors. It will also help the movers keep the furniture in good form without fretting about any wear and tear, breakage, or misplacement of smaller parts happening while moving.

Make use of superior quality packing material

When you are hiring a packers and movers company, make sure they use good quality packing material like stretch wraps or bubble wraps, to keep your furniture secure. These protective wraps avoid both external stress and abrasion and so everything stays unharmed up until the time they are taken out again.

Take care of small things

You should take care of many things. If you decide to dismantle your furniture, make sure that all bolts and other pieces are kept somewhere you would not lose them. Ensure that move is possible and goes smoothly without a hitch. If you live in a flat, make sure that the elevator is open at the time when furniture is moved by the professionals you have hired.

Check the way leading to your house

Check if there is sufficient amount of space for the moving company’s truck or lorry to reach to your house. Also make sure if your furniture can be moved through the doors or windows without any difficulty. If not, then find out if it will help to dismantle the doors.

Using the above-mentioned tips and the right equipment, the big and bulky furniture can be moved easily and your relocation would be a much smoother process. 


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