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How to get multiple bids and do your own research when choosing a packers & movers?

 Get multiple bids and do your own research while choosing a moving companyAre you planning to relocate your home or office? In the middle of everything that you must think about before moving, choosing right packers and movers is also tremendously important. If you are moving in the same city, you can hire a resident trustworthy service provider. However, if you are moving to another city, then, everything depends upon whether your packers and movers are consistent or not.

Picking one from several options can be quiet difficult. Moreover, it becomes more difficult to choose one reliable service provider the reliable who can meet all your needs and requirements. Therefore, it is better to keep your eyes and ears open when you are choosing a packers and movers service provider.  Given below are a few steps to choose the right packers and movers:

1. Conduct a comprehensive early screening
You can start with Internet. The Internet is a good place to start. You can search for national and international packers and movers working in your area. If you want to do some more detailed research, you can visit the websites of the packers and movers whose names appeared in the search results to find out which one of them could be the best option for you. From their websites you can get information about their services, pricing, contact information, company’s address etc.

2. Probe deeper with quality research
Check the credentials of the packers and movers you are considering hiring. Look for industry-based certifications and 
their documentation, on both national and international level. That way you can make sure that, your packers and movers follow the globally accepted standards when it comes to providing relocation services. Those who do not have the certifications, you can remove their name from your list.

3. Analyse the online reputation of the service providers
After checking their credentials, examine their online reputation. You can find about the packers and movers on your list from various online platforms. You can check if the packers and movers are listed under authoritative sites of the industry. If you find potential packers and movers are not registered on these websites, you can use other reviews their websites, it will help you gain an outlook about the packers and movers on your list. 

4. Request bids and compare them
Once you have filtered down the list of packers and movers that meet your requirements, request quotes, or bids from them. Instead of checking other websites to find about the quotes, directly contact the service providers to request quotes. After you have received the bids, compare them to find the best deal possible.

5. Evaluate the experience of the listed companies
There is no guarantee that the more experienced service providers would do better than the lesser ones. However, experience does have its own set of benefits. The Packers and movers who have been working in the industry for long can provide you valuable understanding and knowledge about relocation. They will know more about the varied complexities that comes with relocation. This will help evade many difficulties.

6. Validate with references provided by the potential service providers
To know more about the work of potential packers and movers companies on your list, you can ask their previous customers about how was their experience. You can ask the companies for at least 2 or 3 references. Then contact those references and ask them about the services of the company. A more reliable indicator of competency is the experience previous customers have had with the company. 

7. Pick a few packers and movers from the list and meet them
Once you have gathered all the necessary authentication and information about the companies on your list, you can choose three or four companies from the list that you think could do your relocation job successfully. Then you can go their offices and talk to them about what your relocation plans. Ask them about various things like about their team, service guarantee, dispute resolution, and the insurance coverage provided. Get answers to all your questions and clear all your doubts before making any final decision. Also request for their quotes to decide which company could do your job at most reasonable prices. 

8. Invite the company for a visit to your home
After making the final choice, get in touch with the chosen company and request them to visit your place that you want to relocate. Give them the list of all the items that need to be move and then attain the about estimates total price of packing and moving. 

9. Discuss the remaining details and formalities
At last discuss all the details like date and time of moving and ask the company for a copy of the order bill. Then, all you will have to do is wait for the day to come, when your hired packers and movers company will move your stuff to the new place. 

How To Get Multiple Bids?

Before you decide to hire a packers and movers company, it is imperative to get quotes from at least three companies. You should ask the companies to pay a visit to the place you are relocating and make a list of the items want you moved. After that get an estimated amount that you would have to pay. When you have multiple estimates, you can negotiate with the packer and mover you think will suit your needs the best. 

Before you hire a packers and movers company, it is important to check the insurance coverage offered by the company. A reputed company will provide you with insurance coverage in case your items are damaged during packing and moving. Other than that, if you have many plants or own a pet, you can pick a company that also offers services for transporting plants and pets.

Likewise, some companies also offer services for moving vehicles like bikes and cars. So if you want to move your vehicle as well, look for the companies that also offer vehicle-moving services. If you want to know how to move heavy furniture, you can go through our other article, How to Remove roadblocks for big and bulky furniture when moving and make your move as easy as possible.


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