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Car moving tips

car moving tipsDo you think shipping a car is a simple task? Think again! It can be pretty easy to do it if you hire some professional car moving service providers. However, when you are doing it on your own, you ought to take some careful steps to get your car packed & moved. Whether you are moving your car across some towns or across international boundaries, the packing & moving of your vehicle is something you need to take care of. This is because your vehicle will be moving long distances.

It is important to ensure that your car is packed properly to be assured of a safe moving. If you are on a moving spree, then here are some expert tips to ensure the safe packing & moving of your car. Have a read:

•    Clean Your Car Completely: If you have hired some packing & moving company, then you can wash your car inside and out. Clean it properly and take pictures of your car from different angles before giving it out to the respective moving company. This will keep the record in any case of damages. The automobile movers will also mark down on their inspection report while moving your car. Most of the car movers do not like to be held liable for any kind of damage caused during the transit.
Moreover, by cleaning your car completely, are 
you moving in your new house with everything refreshed. You wouldn’t like to welcome the all-dirty car into your new home. It creates a sense of newness when you move to your latest destination.

•    Remove Any Personal Items from Your Car: Most of us tend to keep confidential items & papers like passports, driving license, certain ID cards, and much more in our car storage. This allows to have an easier reach whenever needed. However, when you are moving your car, it is essential to remove all of the personal items from the same. Do not include any belonging inside the car while it is moving. Most of the car moving companies would simply not allow the moving unless you have removed all of your personal items from the car.

This is because they will not take any responsibility for the lost or damaged belongings while moving. Therefore, if you wish to ensure the safety of your personal items, remove it all from your car interiors.

•    Secure All the Loose Parts: Before making the final move, it is important to check your vehicle thoroughly. You must ensure that all the loose parts of your car are properly locked and secure. You can also remove them if you like. The transportation of your car might involve a lot of movements. As such, if you do not secure the loose parts like mirrors, fog lights, antennas, spoilers, and others properly, then there are higher chances that these might get damaged. 

Therefore, you must lock or remove them to ensure a safer moving of your car without any possible damage. In addition to this, locking of every loose part will also entail the closing down of all the windows properly. This will prevent any damage to the car interiors.

•    Disable Car Alarm: It is quite easy to forge the minute details while you are packing & moving your home items from one location to another. One of the most forgettable things with respect to your vehicle could be disabling its alarm system. This is a very important tip to disable your car alarm when you are letting it go for shipping across certain distances.

This is because in case the alarm sets off, it might cause a big trouble to the driver who is shipping the vehicle. It might create quite a nuisance during transit. Moreover, if it goes on without stopping, then it will result into your car’s battery going all flat. Hence, make it a point to turn off your car’s alarm before setting it out for transit.

•    Keep Your Tanks Half Empty: This is another vital tip on the safety front when you are moving your car. It is advisable to keep your car’s tank half or 1/4th empty when you are shipping it to some other location. It is highly important from the safety point of view. In case, any leakage happens during transit, then it might pose a big threat.

Moreover, this trick also helps in keeping your vehicle light during transit. As such, the auto moving companies will appreciate this and it will save you a big amount on the transportation costs. However, it is important to keep some fuel or gas filled in the car which might be needed while unloading your vehicle.

•    Keep Tires Inflated & Battery Fully Charged: Before moving your car, it is also important to ensure that you have kept the tires inflated and the battery fully charged. This trick usually comes handy in case of any emergency. If any emergency rises, your car should be in the condition to go up & running.

•    Utilize Your Car Storage: Your car serves as an ample storage space. So if you are moving your home entirely, then your car can be really helpful. For instance, you can utilize the smaller spaces of your car by filling it up with essential items of your home like some cartons, smaller furniture pieces, clothes, accessories and many more. As such, you can convert your vehicle into another moving automobile for moving your home essentials.

Automobile packing & moving is an indispensable part of your shifting regime. While it is vital to move your car safely, it is equally important to utilize the moving to your advantage. Ensure the safest moving of your dear vehicle with these expert tips. Lookout for preventing any trouble or hassle during the shifting process.


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