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Brighten up your day by the services of Call2Move. If you are planning relocation and wonder how to shift your car along with n number of items. Then just make a call to Call2Move  at 9758772111 in order to get the list of best quality car transporters at the lowest rates. Pune is a hub of educational institutes and so is our car movers. They are well educated professionally well trained who know all the smart ways to relocate your car safely and timely. So just take a glance at our registered movers and their reviews and we are sure you would not like to find any other.

Why do I need to hire car service in Pune and not drive on my own?

You can drive a car on your own too but transferring a car is not a cakewalk it needs a lot of legal documents and paperwork. So, it is always better to hire car transport services for that matter. Car movers in Pune make everything easy for you.

Do Pune car transporters provide carrier services?

Our car moving companies in Pune provide special and personalized car carrier trailer services for the customers.

Car movers and packers Pune services are designed to help clients to transport cars safely in the carrier trailers with sufficient weather conditioning and appropriate ventilation control. Choose the carrier services which suit your budget.

Can I have an option to move my car to your office for its loading?

Well don't worry you can drop your car at the office of car moving company of Pune and car movers will load it themselves subjected to conditions.It is advisable to be present at the time of loading and there is even second option that car mover's drivers take your car from your home and drop it to our office which is also subjected to conditions.

Does Call2Move portal provide free quotes?

We Call2Move provide you free quotes and that too of minimum six Car Transportation Companies in Pune and even help you in getting more if you don' get satisfied.

Do you provide car washing services?

After car movers, Pune arrives at your destination the car would get unloaded and if it gets dirty on the way it will also be washed free of cost. And if it does not get dirty then on your request at the additional cost it can be washed.

How one can trust Pune car transporters?

The Call2Move does a full background check of all the companies registered under it.  Call2Move also verifies the validity of the reviews of Car Transport Companies in Pune on their site. Car shipping from Pune becomes a cakewalk by choosing us.

We even check if the company owns trucks or is only a broker. The company reviews are also taken into account and we also make sure that the reviews are not fake.

How Pune Car movers ensure the safety of the car?

Pune movers have carriers of all kinds according to the size and weight of the car and thus it helps to protect vehicle fully. Then we have an open trail as well as the closed trail. Closed trail helps better in maintaining the safety of the vehicle.

What are the tips for moving a car?

Create videos of the car at the time of inspection -Make a video of your car at the time of inspection by the agent of Pune car transport company. This can be a help while processing a claim for damage to the item. This makes a moving car from Pune very easy.

Create a binder- Make a folder of all the relocation related documents and papers. The documents may include agreements (in case of transportation vehicles), receipts and agreements (for a new place, if any).

Double check the inspection report- Just pay full attention when car movers come and inspect your car and while you sign the inspection report.  Also, check if the car at the time of delivery is in the same condition and with the same accessories as per the inspection reports. Therefore, double check this document before you sign it.

Check if the car battery is fully charged or not- Check if your car is in moving condition or not

Ask Pune transport services about shelter assurance- Hiring the safe and best Packers and Movers Pune is vital as a long journey takes a long time. You must ask about the safety of your expensive good. It is the total responsibility of the packers and movers Pune to make sure that none of the vehicles gets any scratch 

Check the process with car movers- Also find out if it's a door to door services or car movers going to drive your car from your home to their office while picking or from their go down to your home while delivering.

Take out valuables- Take all the valuables from the car as then the chances of missing would be alleviated.

Check insurance coverage- Call your insurance company and check with them the transit insurance and also check if the full value of the car is covered or only partially in the insurance cover.

Check if your tires are inflated- Check if tyres are in good condition so that car transportation from Pune is hassle-free.

Whether the drivers are efficient and approved- If you want to hire the cheap and best Car Packers and Movers Pune Company then you must ask them that their drivers are fully certified and licensed. As they need to take your belongings safe to the desired location.

Make sure your fuel gauge is 1 quarter full- check the fuel before moving

Reach to the destination on time- If you reach late on destination, we take care of your car until you reach however car movers prefer that you reach on time and thus unloading can be enabled as soon as possible.

What are the general key features of registered companies under Call2Move?

• Personalized and reliable car carrier services

• Pocket-friendly car transportation services

• A door to door pick up and unloading of the car

• Safe delivery of cars to prevent even minor scratches.

• Use of imported sheets for packing the car

• Full insurance coverage.

Nilesh ghayal

Total Score:

Good serivce pune bangore thanks destination packers movers team


Total Score:

Please take this review seriously and genuine. I don't want to give even a single star but I have to give to make everyone know about this company before sending or moving anything. This is the worst company I've been with and mistakenly chosen their services. I'm the person who take cares of things properly with extra guidance. I had to move my car from Varanasi to Bangalore and I spent weeks to find a proper and useful packers and movers. I didn't have any money constraint. No one was reliable enough for me or giving me confidence when it comes to car shifting. RANBIR called me and he was connected with me from a month, by looking all the reviews and the way he explained about car shifting kinda convinced me and I was ready to give my car for relocating to bangalore. My Driver did the servicing and polishing before handling over to the transport, I was in dilemma how they'll transport or what if they drive the car and comes and other vibes you get when you send the car but still I was kinda confident. RANBIR told me it'll take 5-6 days to deliver it and I was OK. I got the driver number and I was in touch with him every day to know the status. After 1st day the driver stopped picking up the calls from morning to evening. On the 3rd day after calling so many times the driver picked up and said the car has got little scratch because the tire busted in between and the straps got cut due to the force and car body got hit inside the carrier and the scratches are very minimal. I was too irritated and afraid but I told him to deliver on time. As per everything it was planned to be delivered on 27th JAN'19 evening but morning the driver said it will be night, I was OK. When I called in the evening the driver said it will be midnight and I was OK as I told him I'm available 24*7 so please deliver ASAP. I called him at 1 am and he didn't pick up the phone. I couldn't sleep whole night because of tension until 8 am when RANBIR said the driver is available now to take up calls. I asked him to send the picture of the car and it's posted below. I was shocked to see the car and literally tears was about to come because things for me is like taking care of a baby as I'm so much materialistic, still I was talking fine and asked him to deliver at the earliest. He came and I rushed to see the condition of the car. This car is my 1st purchased car and I was too much excited but these people took it away within seconds. I was too broke and feeling bad by trusting these guys. The driver was an idiot and stupid person. When I sent picture to RANBIR, his reaction was "it's fine, it's minimal" it happens and when I showed the same picture to showroom people, they sent me the estimation of 15K and I was already on the urge to cry. I owed MAA AMBIKA 3600 Rs as It was 80% and 20% after delivery. I told the driver I can't give you the remaining money and asked him to pay for the damages. He said he doesn't have a penny and refused to pay and started asking for the remaining amount. I was getting late to office and no where it was moving. He started dialing 100 and asking for police help and I didn't want to be in that mess so I just paid 1500 Rs out of 3600 and drove car to service center directly. Please don't trust such idiotic people. They can do anything with your things and blame you. Please avoid MAA AMBIKA PACKERS AND MOVERS. I Request you please boycott this packers and movers. Please check the pictures below before and after the incident.

Professional Logistics Packers and Movers

Total Score:



Total Score:

The worst service ever. DONT HIRE THEM. They will tell you a different amount initially but later block your goods until you give them more money. Delivery is also delayed with few goods missing and in bad condition.


Total Score:

Worst service ever! They take 5 days to transport bike for 200kms. They will trouble for extra money and still deliver late and damaged bike. Sell your bike but don't transport from here. They will first pick your bike at low cost and then send you 3 times higher bill and will hide your bike somewhere and won't deliver till you give their extortion money. NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL.

Manish Kothari

Total Score:

I have recently taken service from them Pune to Bangalore and had worst experience They charge for insurance for household items and if the product is damaged they never pay for that what insurance has been quoted, They ask you to pay full amount I recommend never pay them full amount till you get complete service else they will not fulfill any of the pending task once they get the amount, I am waiting for my bike transfer bill from 2 weeks they are now not responding to my call because I have paid them their amount so no response now really bad service, I have been given service from Pune office name Vikas Singh.Please don't take transfer service from this and if at all you have taken service don't pay them full amount till your service is completed successfully attaching some pics of my damaged household item

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