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Get the best Car Packers and Movers Services in the capital of India. Call2Move a portal has come up with an idea of providing you the list of top Car Movers in Delhi and their estimates in just a call away. With the intention of proving you comfort and ease our registered Car Transportation Companies in Delhi make sure that your car gets transported safely and smoothly to the destination. The shortest routes opted by our smart and sharp professionals enable timely services. Believe us you will not find any better car packers and movers in Delhi anywhere around. Call2Move is a one-stop solution of quality, punctuality and trustworthy car moving companies. So, pull up your socks and dial 9758772111 to get the best and top-notch car carrier service providers of Delhi.


Yes, it is a kind of maths to compare the various estimates of car transportation companies in Delhi and thus we make it simple for you by doing all the maths and reasoning on your behalf and help you to choose the car carrier service provider according to your budget. We make it easy for you to calculate and compare the cost of car shipping from Delhi.

Breakdown of Car Shipping Carrier Cost

Distance-Distance is the main factor in calculating how much it costs to ship a car. Longer distances generally lead to a higher price but lower cost per mile. You just need to submit your requirements and we'll provide you quote from your nearby best Car Movers Delhi with estimated charges.

Nature of the vehicle-Exact vehicle specifications are necessary in order to estimate the quotes as it determines how much space would be taken by car in a truck and what size of carrier is needed. Longer and taller cars require additional space and therefore leads to higher charges. Modifications like large tires and racks on the roof can also be the reasons of additional charges of car transportation from Delhi.

Season type- The winter and summer car transportation charges differ.
Generally summer charges are lower than winters. Moreover, if it is a festival time then it incurs higher charges as compared to regular days.

Location-There are many locations from which if you load your vehicle the transportation cost becomes cheap. However, like If you live far from a major highway, you can choose to meet the truck at a designated location for a better price and faster service.

Vehicle condition - If your car is in running condition you will attain better car carrier price for the allotted distance. If your car is not operative but maintains the ability to roll, steer, and brake, it will require a winch and other things to be loaded onto the carrier trailer which increases the cost of shipment.

What paperwork is needed for car transportation?

The car movers in Delhi are very professional in their work. Besides moving the cars, they are also well informed about the paperwork like custom clearance, insurance, visa clearance etc. Our car transporters Delhi are skilled for enabling the complete relocation process across the border, dealing with all the car moving matters thereby saving time and energy

Which type of carrier to choose for car transportationerror free

You need to search professional car carriers in Delhi at highly cost-effective prices. These companies use trailers and containers designed specifically for safe transportation of automobiles; one can opt for closed or open car trailer. Closed car trailer is considered to be better.

How do you ensure that goods are Safe during transit?

Car movers and packers Delhi halt the transportation journey after every 100 km in order to ensure that everything is fine.

And to avoid any risk we have a facility to pick up your car from your doorstep with the help of our Local Car Pick-Up Carriers, without creating any need to drive the car. We also seal pack the keys of your car in a key pouch so that to avoid any fear of car being used by others. We have facility of both open and closed trailers depending on the distance. Our car transport services in Delhi high quality carriers protect vehicle from bad weather conditions. Our car mover companies provide scratch free services.

What are the things to keep in Mind while moving car from Delhi?

•             Don’t leave not more than 1/4th fuel in the tank if asked.

•             If you notice any leaks, notify the car transport service provider right away and save it from any risk of damage in transit

•             Make sure battery is charged and tyre is inflated

•             Remove important documents.

•             Be prepared to pay additional for toll tickets and parking receipts.

•             Drop a Stepney and jack in the trunk of the car.

•             Ask Delhi transport services about the warehouse facility: hiring the safe and Best Car Packers and Movers Delhi is vital as a long journey takes long time. It is the total responsibility of the Car Movers Delhi to make sure that none of the vehicle gets any scratch.

•             Clean the car exterior and interior before handling over to the car transport company

•             Click pictures of the shipment during loading and unloading using a high-quality camera.

Do you provide car washing services?

After  Delhi car movers arrive at your destination the car would get unloaded and if it gets dirty on the way it will also be washed free of cost. And if it does not get dirty then on your request at additional cost it can be washed

What do you mean by enclosed and open carriers?

Not only the mode of shipping used by the transporter of your choice must be known but also you must be  aware of the coverage you require for your car during transit.

Selecting open transport is cheaper and economical but is a poor choice for luxury cars. It contains risk. On the other hand, enclosed transport ensures physical coverage for your car as it is specifically designed after minute analysis of cars by experts. Moreover, if you want to transport a premium car, exposure to rain and sun can affect it and it may fade colour of your vehicle or can lead to leakage of fuel. Choosing an enclosed trailer is better as it is results into a double protection for your car. Car moving companies in Delhi try their best to provide scratch free service. 

How Delhi car transportation safety is maintained?

Car transport services Delhi have carriers of all kinds according to the size and weight of the car and for full protection of a vehicle. Then we have an open trail as well as the closed trail. Closed trail helps better in maintaining the safety of the vehicle. Time to time in transit car is inspected like it does not have any scratch.

Delhi car transporters provide special car carrier services luxury car carrier services normal car carrier services multi-car carrier services. Our car transporters have special types of car carriers, tires locking system, and stoppers. Our company’s special car carrier trucks daily cover a wide range of distance. Few companies also appoint 2 drivers for a single car carrier.

Anil Luhach

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Best Company Moving In Bangalore, Door To Door Services And All Overs India

Ramesh Ranawar

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Recently we shifted goods from Bangalore to Delhi and we pleased and glad to write about the Experts Packers and Movers, Really these guys are Experts and do there job in very professional way. Their commitments are really correct i.e committed delivery date and amount, there is no hide n sick rate of Experts Packers and Movers. I bless them to grow and grow.

Priyam Chatterjee

Total Score:

I would recomended not to use service from Best Home Shifting Movers And Packers servives. All the mentioned contact details are fake as mentiomed below. Head Office:- Plot-92, Shop-2, Sector-34, Kamthe, New Mumbai Mob:- 9137079450,9320084001 Ph:- 022-65006807,9990544143 Branch Office:- Plot No. 749, Ground Floor, Surya Vihar, Deenpur (Near Dwarka Sec-19) New Delhi-110043 Mob:- +91-9990544143, 8586871905 Ph:- 011-69700002 I hire their services on dated 28th Feb'19 for my relocation from Delhi to Kolkata and they promised me to deliver my house hold items within 8-10 days but till today (16th Mar'19) i haven't receive my goods nor their staff are answering my phone calls. I have file a case in consumer court against them today. Please share maximum so that people should be aware of these type of fake and careless peoples and organization.


Total Score:

Please take this review seriously and genuine. I don't want to give even a single star but I have to give to make everyone know about this company before sending or moving anything. This is the worst company I've been with and mistakenly chosen their services. I'm the person who take cares of things properly with extra guidance. I had to move my car from Varanasi to Bangalore and I spent weeks to find a proper and useful packers and movers. I didn't have any money constraint. No one was reliable enough for me or giving me confidence when it comes to car shifting. RANBIR called me and he was connected with me from a month, by looking all the reviews and the way he explained about car shifting kinda convinced me and I was ready to give my car for relocating to bangalore. My Driver did the servicing and polishing before handling over to the transport, I was in dilemma how they'll transport or what if they drive the car and comes and other vibes you get when you send the car but still I was kinda confident. RANBIR told me it'll take 5-6 days to deliver it and I was OK. I got the driver number and I was in touch with him every day to know the status. After 1st day the driver stopped picking up the calls from morning to evening. On the 3rd day after calling so many times the driver picked up and said the car has got little scratch because the tire busted in between and the straps got cut due to the force and car body got hit inside the carrier and the scratches are very minimal. I was too irritated and afraid but I told him to deliver on time. As per everything it was planned to be delivered on 27th JAN'19 evening but morning the driver said it will be night, I was OK. When I called in the evening the driver said it will be midnight and I was OK as I told him I'm available 24*7 so please deliver ASAP. I called him at 1 am and he didn't pick up the phone. I couldn't sleep whole night because of tension until 8 am when RANBIR said the driver is available now to take up calls. I asked him to send the picture of the car and it's posted below. I was shocked to see the car and literally tears was about to come because things for me is like taking care of a baby as I'm so much materialistic, still I was talking fine and asked him to deliver at the earliest. He came and I rushed to see the condition of the car. This car is my 1st purchased car and I was too much excited but these people took it away within seconds. I was too broke and feeling bad by trusting these guys. The driver was an idiot and stupid person. When I sent picture to RANBIR, his reaction was "it's fine, it's minimal" it happens and when I showed the same picture to showroom people, they sent me the estimation of 15K and I was already on the urge to cry. I owed MAA AMBIKA 3600 Rs as It was 80% and 20% after delivery. I told the driver I can't give you the remaining money and asked him to pay for the damages. He said he doesn't have a penny and refused to pay and started asking for the remaining amount. I was getting late to office and no where it was moving. He started dialing 100 and asking for police help and I didn't want to be in that mess so I just paid 1500 Rs out of 3600 and drove car to service center directly. Please don't trust such idiotic people. They can do anything with your things and blame you. Please avoid MAA AMBIKA PACKERS AND MOVERS. I Request you please boycott this packers and movers. Please check the pictures below before and after the incident.

Professional Logistics Packers and Movers

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Great Services


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Some How I got my luggage, but some luggage they kept , still waiting to retrun. Company is not registered at all checked on MinistryofCorporateAffares, insurance they do is just edited copy, they will fool you sir we will give you insurance when luggage will be loaded(Its a trap). never choose this euro logistic because of cheap. you will regret . may other movers and packers are also like that but at least not go with them I have tried.9891266111, 9958766364. to trap you they have one woman employee as well which I think just work from home and she doesn't involve her at any step after you decide.


Total Score:

After loading he will ask for more money.


Total Score:

Very nice staff and Vinod sangwan comment is right and D S Packers and movers company nice

Rekha Rani

Total Score:

Nice shifting and good staff


Total Score:

Best service bye KVR Packers movers company is tha good job

Krishan Kumar

Total Score:

Best service my house hold sitting Delhi to Mumbai and time to time delivery thanks for kvr Packers movers good job sir

KD Chaudhary

Total Score:

Packing and moving best company for kvr Packers movers good job and time to time delivery

Raj Thakur

Total Score:

Best packing moving lodging anlodhing good staff and best quality packing very very professional gourp kvr packers and movers

Manju Nehra

Total Score:

""Affordable Transportation Charge compared to other Company!""


Total Score:

This is a very good packers and movers company. I had a great experience with this company. Very impressive and fast service .Great experience with this company. They use best Quality packing materials and experienced staff.

Anil Choudhary

Total Score:

Safe packers and movers provides us best service from delhi to mumbai

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