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Things to Keep in Mind Before Moving from One Place to Another Place

written by admin August 11, 2018

Things to keep in mind before moving from one place to another place [The Ultimate Checklist]

We all need a checklist to ensure the smooth execution of our any plans. Similarly, re-location also require checklist so that our every moving step will take place in a systematic way. In this article, I have stated the ultimate checklist that will help you in executing your moving plans. It includes all the activity that you have to perform at the initial, middle and ending stage of moving such as visiting the place, research about the moving company, estimate cost of shifting, Analyzing all your household items, packing etc.

Try to download this checklist on a paper or take a print out and after completing each mentioned activity, make a check on paper. Relocation is such as hectic work so there is a great chance that you will skip or may be forgetting an important work to do. But don’t worry, we have mentioned all the essential things in the checklist so that you could perform you every important work without skipping or forgetting.

Once you decided to move from one place to another, there are a lot of thoughts that come to your mind such as how to plan or execute each and every task. Moving to a new place can really be hilarious if you have not thoroughly planned for it. It brings a lot of planning and researching along with it.

If you are planning to move on then there are lots of things to take into consideration. While taking a step ahead to help you out, I have stated all the essential things to consider while moving from one place to another. Go through the checklist to resolve all your moving queries and stay on the right track.

The ultimate checklist

When you eventually become conscious about your imminent moving decision, you usually find a checklist which can help you to perform each and every task systematically. Moving to a different place needs a lot of attention, in order to turn it to a successful ending. Having a checklist can really help you out to remember your each and every action. Here I am suggesting a checklist, which you can refer before moving to a state or city.

Visit the selected place

You must visit the place, where you are planning to move on. It will help you to make you familiar with the respective place so that you can easily adjust to the new environment. Once you will visit the place, it will not only make you familiar with the place but also with your next neighbors, how far is a departmental store, is that rural area or urban area, what is the distance between the main market and your house and many similar questions which are essential for you.

Do research for best movers

After investigating the place thoroughly, your next task is to do research about movers and packers. This is another essential task that you must do before moving to any place. Choosing the right movers can be helpful for you, in terms of hassle-free shifting. Do intense researches on the internet about best movers, list down their name, know their provided services or get the estimation of their cost. After writing the details of so many companies, you can easily compare their cost and provided services as well. In this way, you can choose the best movers to execute your relocation plan.

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Request all move related papers from movers company

After selecting the movers, you have to request them all movers’ related papers in advance only. This will help you to get the total cost of shifting. Don’t do hurry in any monetary transactions or don’t sign any blank check in advance. Thoroughly read all the papers and ask if you will find any flaw on papers.

Estimate the total cost of shifting

This is something that you cannot skip, you have to estimate the entire cost of shifting. After visiting the place you will surely get an estimation of distance and after knowing the charges of movers, you will get to know how much they will charge. So now do not waste your time, analyses each and every cost and find out the tentative drawback of all expense. List down the expenses that will take occur during shifting.

Analyses all your household items

After completing all major tasks, your next action would be analyzing your household items. Make a list of all your inventories and then separate each item according to their category. It will help your movers to safely transfer your household item.

Begin the packing

Packing is quite a time-consuming task, also it required a lot of attention. So try to start packing before few days of shifting. Keep each and every item thoroughly. On the other hand, if your movers are offerings the packing facilities already then you do not need to worry about it. Just bring some packing boxes for them, where they can keep your household items. After packing the each carton, write down the name of the item in bold words that it consists with a black marker.

Change your address postal address

Do not forget to change the address wherever you have mentioned your current address. Go to the post office and change the address or you can also do it online. This process will take only a few times, till the time your address will not change inform your neighbor to look out your parcels, posts or any other important document.

Keep all documents safely

There will be a lot of document that you require just after the proper shifting of your house or company. You need to secure them, make sure that they will not lose somewhere. Documents of the current house, new house, and all move related papers should be kept thoroughly.

Transfer your vehicle

If you own a car and you have decided to move it to your next home then choose the reputed auto transporter to shift your car. Look out the best transporter as per your budget. If you will find that the costs of shifting transport are very high then avoid it.

    Secure a job into the new city/state

Most of the people shift to the new place due to their job but if you are shifting for any other reason then you have to secure a job in the respective place first. You need to start searching for a job into a new city/state before a few days back of shifting only because it takes times. Try to keep an online or telephonic interview if possible then visits the company and give a live interview.

 Set a reliable communication network

Sometimes it happens that when you shift to a new place, you could not contact people due to your poor network or roaming issue. Make an appropriate balance in your phone before shifting to any other city.  Once you will successfully shift there, take new phone numbers and send it to all your important people.

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